Tourist visa B211A

B211A is a single-entry visa that can be used for tourism purposes, visiting family and friends, social and cultural program. On this visa you can stay in Indonesia for 180 days depending on the immigration decision.

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What you need to know about the tourist visa B221A?

What documents are needed?

- Colour copy of passport - Passport size colour photo - Passport of the vaccine. At least 10 days must have passed since the last dose; - Ticket back file; - Sponsorship Letter (provided by us).

How to get a visa?

- Fill in the form at the link below or write to our managers in WhatsApp or Telegram. - Provide all documents related to the visa. We will double-check these documents to ensure a successful data upload. - Pay for your visa online, in cash or in crypto. - After that, we will send the documents to the Indonesian immigration system; - After successful authentication you will receive your visa electronically in a messenger or mail. It must be printed out. - That’s all. Get ready to travel and see you in Bali!

Can I extend my visa?

This visa may be extended twice with 60 days of each renewal. So, the total number of days on this visa will allow you to stay in Indonesia 180 days. After the first extension it will be necessary to make biometrics in the emigration office. After the second extension the biometrics do not need to be repeated. One extension costs 2,600,000 IDR. If you decide to pay for two extensions at once, the total cost will be 5,400,000 IDR. Visa should be extended 10-14 days before the end of its term. We will remind you when it is necessary to do this.

What to do If your visa has expired?

Every day of illegal stay in Indonesia will cost you 1.000.000 IDR. If this happened to you, write us urgently, we will help to solve the problem with minimal financial losses.

What are the restrictions?

- Disruptions in the client service of emigration, unplanned quarantine, new regulations of the Indonesian government, etc., may affect the terms of issuing visas and conditions of entry into the country. We strongly recommend buying tickets ONLY after obtaining a visa; - To renew your visa you need to give us a passport 1-2 weeks before the expiry of your visa (first 60 days); - This visa is not valid for paid work and/or paid work; - Also note that B211B is intended for visiting industrial zones, while B211C is intended for journalism and film/video shooting. - The applicant must obtain a special permit before applying for a visa.

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