Registration BPJS

Mandatory requirement for all residents of Indonesia residing in the country for 6 months or more.

What document is that?

BPJS is a government initiative imposed on all citizens of Indonesia to ensure universal social security and includes health care, pension schemes, compensation for work injury, and death benefits. The entire social security package for workers aims to maintain a decent basic standard of living when participants face loss or loss of income due to injuries at work, old age, retirement or death. There are 2 types of BPJS: BPJS Kesehatan (healthcare) and BPJS Ketenagjerjaan (social security). If you are a physical person, you must register with the health insurance program, however, if you are a company, you need to register with the employee social security program .

If you are a business owner, you must register all staff.

If you work for a company, they will register you and issue you a social security card.

If you are a freelancer and would like to arrange medical coverage, you can register as an independent member of BPJS Social Security.

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