Dependent KITAS

If your family member already has a work KITAS or investor KITAS, then this visa is for you.

Main questions about family KITAS

Only direct relatives of the person who owns an investor or worker KITAS.

- Passport with at least 4 blank pages and valid for at least 18 months; - Scanned passports; - Two photos on a red background; - document confirming the relationship with the holder of the main KITAS (marriage certificate or birth certificate) - Bank statement (minimum $1500) Propiska in the country of residence; - Letter of residence in Bali (if any) or letter of lease agreement; - Scan of the passport of the main holder of KITAS; - KITAS main holder of KITAS; - Passport of vaccination; - Scan of the document of the main holder of KITAS from the sponsorship company.

Yes. You can apply for a family visa before entering the country and we will send you an electronic visa. In order for your KITAS to be official, you need to take a biometric session either at your local immigration office in Indonesia where you live or at the airport.

To terminate your KITAS, you must apply for an EPO (Exit Permit) and your work permit will be revoked. The EPO is issued quickly and usually takes several days. Once your EPO is issued, you will need to leave the country within 7 days. If you have already left Indonesia and want to return, you need to apply for an ERP (permission to re-enter).

If you expire your visa, every day the delay will cost 1,000,000 IDR, you can also be blacklisted and deported.


For those who want everything at once and cheaper. For an individual set of services, the discount is discussed separately.

Most popular

Offshore KITAS + 2x Dependent KITAS
IDR 39 mln
Save IDR 4.000.000
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Offshore KITAS + 3x Dependent KITAS
IDR 45 mln
Save 6.000.000
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