Entertaiment KITAS

Official work permit for 6 months. Unlike a regular work visa, you do not need to look for an employer to apply for an artist’s KITAS.

Main questions about Intertaiment KITAS

Are you a professional DJ? Musician or singer? Model? Artist or Art Director? Or maybe you a dancer? Want to live in Bali and work legally? We have a solution for you! You can get freelance kitas.

- Artistic Director - Music director - Musician - Singer - DJ - Showman - Director - Actress / Actor - Dancers - Karaoke Guide - Acrobats - Circus performers - Bodyguard - Advertising model - Bowling Coach - Artist - Magician - Model - Sports Consultant - Boxing Promoter - Judge - Football coach - Table Tennis Trainer - Volleyball coach - Softball Coach - Polo Coach - Badminton Coach - Surf Coach - Swimming Coach - Synchronized swimming coach - Rowing Coach - Boxing coach - Judo coach - Ear coach - Diving coach on the platform - Diving Coach - Shooting coach - Taekwondo Coach - Sports coach - Karate coach - Golf coach - Volleyball player - Football Player - Basketball Player - Boxer

- Scan copy or photo of the main page of the passport; - Scan copy of medical insurance (validity period of insurance min. 1 month); - Scan copy of the diploma in English (legalized); - Scan a copy of a letter of recommendation from the previous workplace (on a letterhead with a seal) or a certificate of profession in English; - Summary; - Account statement in English with minimum balance USD 1,500 - Your contact details (email, phone number, Bali address); - Photo 4 6 (red background) in electronic form.

This type of visa is not extended. If you want to continue working, then after the expiration of the term you need to close the current Kitas and apply for a new one. If you no longer need a work permit and you will not apply for a new Kitas, the current Kitas is not required to close.

If you expire your visa, every day the delay will cost 1,000,000 IDR, you can also be blacklisted and deported.

Step-by-step algorithm of obtaining the intertaiment KITAS

Step 1. Apply RPTKA.

Application for registration in the register for foreign workers RPTKA, indicating the specialty and place of work. The process takes 7 working days.

Step 2. Get a work permit.

At this stage you will need to pay a tax of USD 600. The process takes 5 working days.

Step 3. Getting an e-visa.

As soon as we receive confirmation of the work permit, we will apply for e-visa. The process takes 7 working days. When ready, we will send you a PDF file on WhatsApp or email, after which you will be able to fly into the country on this visa. If you are already in Indonesia, then just go to step 5.

Step 4. Visa registration.

You need to provide the original passport to any of our offices within 7 days of arrival in Bali (or immediately after issuing your visa if you are already here) to register your visa at the immigration office, obtain a multiple flyover/departure permit and Kitas clearance. After that, you will need to visit Immigration (only once) for fingerprinting. The process takes approximately 2 weeks.

Step 5. Congratulations!

Your passport and online KITAS are ready! You can get to work.

Looks difficult?

Give us the hassle of the paperwork. Write to the manager in a convenient messenger.

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