Investor KITAS C313 / C314

Investor KITAS is a temporary residence permit in Indonesia for 2 years.

benefits of investor KITAS

What are the benefits of investor KITAS?

KITAS offers important benefits for Indonesian investors, including work permit exemption (IMTA or DPKK Foundation). With Investor KITAS, foreign investors will no longer have to pay a commission of USD 1200 each year if they meet all the investment requirements.

Kitas has multi-visa (multiple entry into Indonesia);

Kitas can be joined by family members (spouses, children under the age of majority) for 1 year with the right of multiple entry;

Gives the holder and a family member the right to have local insurance and medical care at local prices.

Allows you to register vehicles;

By Kitas, entrance to the attractions of Bali at the price of local residents.

Main questions about KITAS investor

To receive KITAS investors, foreign investors must have a minimum investment of 1 billion Indonesian rupees in invested stocks, and the company’s invested capital must exceed 10 billion Indonesian rupees. The newly established company can sponsor investors after receiving the business registration number (Nomor Induk Berusaha - NIB) and business license (Izin Usaha). For enterprises that are already running and operating, the necessary licenses can be applied directly through the Unified Online Filing System (OSS).

313 index: KITAS is issued for 1 year Index 314: KITAS is issued for 2 years

- Сolour scanned copy of passport (minimum validity of 18 months for KITAS for 1 year or 30 months for KITAS for 2 years) - Passport size colour photograph (red background) - Last Bank Statement - Medical/travel insurance - Confirmation of full dose of COVID-19 vaccine

- Visa Online (Jakarta Immigration). - Company letterhead; - Company seal; - Colour scan of the Notarial Deed of Establishment of the Company (Akta Notaris Pendirian Perusahaan) and any subsequent/altered notarial deed (Akta Notaris Perubahan) - if any; - Color scan of legalization of the notarial deed of establishment of the company (Pengesahan Akta Notaris dari Kemenkumham) and the following / changes, if any; - Color scan of tax identification card (NPWP) - Color scan of the company’s location (Location Letter/Location Certificate or SKTU); - Color scan of the company license from OSS; - Color scan of company registration number (Nomor Induk Berusaha or NIB) from OSS; - Colour scanning of the director’s or commissioner’s identity;

The maximum number of investors per PT PMA is 8.

Destroying the myths about KITAS

Legal and illegal KITAS.


For those who want everything at once and cheaper. For an individual set of services, the discount is discussed separately.

PT PMA + Virtual Office
IDR 22 mln
Save IDR 4.000.000
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Most popular

PT PMA + offshore 2x KITAS + Virtual office
IDR 68 mln
Save 8.000.000
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PT PMA + offshore 3x KITAS + Virtual office
IDR 91 mln
Save IDR 10.000.000
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Each KITAS is an individual case.

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