Permission for a long-term stay/KITAP

For those who have plans to stay in Indonesia for a long time.

What is the peculiarity of KITAP?

It is usually used by people who plan to stay indefinitely or are married to an Indonesian spouse. However, it can also be used by workers, investors and pensioners.

Indonesian identity card

Valid for 5 years

Indonesian driver’s license

You can open bank accounts, get a credit card or take a loan

You can pay at local, not tourist prices in public places and attractions.

Allowed to work

You can start your own business as an individual entrepreneur without an additional application for a work permit.

You can freely enter and leave the country for 2 years

Main questions about KITAP

Simply put, KITAP is a permanent residence permit that allows the recipient to stay in Indonesia for 5 years. Unlike KITAS, which is issued for a year after receiving KITAP, you will no longer need to travel annually to the immigration office or spend time on paperwork.

Since KITAP is the most exclusive form of visa, not everyone can apply for it. However, there are several ways to get it: Foreigners married to Indonesian spouses; - Foreigners who wish to retire in Indonesia; - Foreign investors, directors or authorized Indonesian company (PT PMA), working in the same company for at least 4 years; - Indonesian citizens who are regaining their citizenship.

If you are married to an Indonesian citizen, you can apply for KITAP, but you cannot apply directly for a visa until you have been married for two years. Although you may have a marriage certificate, this does not mean that you are automatically eligible for a visa or permanent residence in Indonesia. In this scenario, there are two ways to get KITAP, the first of which is that after you are married, you will receive a conjugal visa sponsored by your husband, or you can apply for KITAS. As we mentioned earlier, in any case you still need to go through this process for 2 years in a row before applying for KITAP. If you have been married for two years or more, you can apply for KITAP immediately after receiving KITAS from your spouse, which means you do not need to renew your visa twice.

To apply for a KITAP pension, the main requirement is age. You must be over 55 years old and have previously held a pension visa for 4 consecutive years before applying.

- Foreign passport; - Current KITS; Up-to-date civil registration (STM, SCTT); - Marriage documents (certificate, books, registration); - Identity card (KTP) of the Indonesian spouse; - Indonesian spouse’s family registration card; - Letter of residence; - A letter of introduction from the Embassy of the foreigner for marriage.

If you have worked in Indonesia for the last 4 years in a row, have a permanent work permit (IMTA) and all this time held the position of director or commissioner (in the same company), then you have the right to apply for KITAP.

- The original passport; - copies of KITAS for 4 years; - Copy of current RPTC; - Copy of current IMTA; - Copy of company documents (business license, notarial deed, approval of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, residence, NPWP, TDP); - Copy of ISNA stamp history (in passport); - Original KITAS; - Proof of payment of DPKK funds (USD 1200 per year); - Other documents as required.

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