Indonesian identity card/SKTT/KTP-OA

Official document of a foreigner in Indonesia.

What that document is?

SKTT ( Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal ) is an identity card issued to foreigners who have KITAS, have reached the age of 17 or are married. KTP-OA ( Kartu Tanda Penduduk - Orang Asing ) is issued to KITAP holders who are over 17 years of age or who are married. Both documents are similar in appearance to the Indonesian National Identity Card (KTP). SKTT is usually green. KTP-OA is very similar to KTP, which is used by Indonesians, the main difference is color. The registry office in your city or regency ( kabupaten ). Identity cards will have the same validity period as KITAS or KITAP, which is owned by the applicant.

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Main questions about registration SKTT/KTP-OA

By law you must apply for them within 14 days of receiving your KITAS or KITAP. You should apply to the local registry office.

You must update any data changes within 14 days of the change. Changes in data include changes such as change of address, marital status, etc

Local legislation regulates the application procedure in each region. Thus, the application process varies slightly from place to place.

1) Passport + copy 2) KITAS/KITAP + copy 3) Passport Photos 4) Police report (Surat Tanda Melapor) 5) Location Letter (Surat Domisili ) 6) Payment for application 7) Sponsor CTU + Copy 8) Kartu Keluarga (KK) Sponsor 9) Buku Nikah/Akta Nikah or marriage report if he is married abroad

The SKTT process

Step 1. Police

You get a residence certificate from the police.

Step 2. Banjar

In the local banjar department ask for the document "Domisili Letter". We can help with this


With the help of the police and Domisili letter, a copy of the documents of the owner of the residence (KTP, family card), you arrive at the registry office and receive SKTT.

Let's start?

Send a message to the manager, pay conveniently and we will issue a document for you.

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