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What are the types of tax reports?

Monthly tax reporting

Monthly tax reporting is mandatory for all businesses in Indonesia, regardless of whether you make a profit or not.

Annual tax accounts

If you live in Indonesia and do business or receive any source of income, you are required to file annual tax returns.

Individual tax accounts

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee or even a civil servant, you must submit an individual tax report annually to the Indonesian Revenue Authority.

Monthly accounting

With dozens of transactions occurring every month, business owners can quickly get lost in recording and analyzing data. In order not to get lost in the data, it is necessary to entrust specialists to work with finance.

Payroll management

Ensuring the correct and timely payment of your workforce, as well as the accurate execution of all contributions, taxes and reporting is of paramount importance to the success of your business.

VAT reporting

If your business is registered as a VAT payer, you are required to report monthly VAT transactions. This may seem laborious, but it is absolutely necessary to avoid significant late payment penalties.

EFIN reporting

EFIN (Electronic Filing Identification Number) is an identification number issued by the General Tax Administration to taxpayers for electronic transactions, including electronic tax filing.

Zero tax accounts

Necessary service when your business is on pause.

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