Visa on arrival

Visa for those who come to Indonesia for a short period. Citizens of 75 countries can get a visa, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Uzbekistan.

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What you need to know about a visa on arrival?

How to get a visa?

VOA is placed in the passport at the airport on arrival for 30 days. The visa can be extended once more for 30 days, we will help you with this. The maximum stay on this visa is 60 days.

How much is a visa?

Visa costs 500.000 IDR, it is about 35$. You must pay for the visa at a special desk at the point of arrival at the airport of Bali, pay only in cash (US dollars, euros, Australian dollars or Indonesian rupees). The visa will be glued into the passport at immigration control with the mark «Visa on arrival» and the date of arrival.

What are the restrictions?

By law, if you arrived at VOA, you can not stay in Indonesia more than 60 days and make a visa for 6 months. But we can help you get a longer term visa (B211) wherever you are.

How to extend a visa?

The VOA extension costs 800,000 IDR. Please fill in the form below, after which the manager will contact you and tell you about further actions.

What do you need to renew?

We will need a photo of your passport and a file with a return ticket. If you do not have a return ticket, we will help with the reservation.

How’s the extension going?

- You fill out the form; - Contact the manager to make payment in an accessible form - transfer, cash, crypt; - Send courier for passports and payment in case of cash payment; - Send all data to the emigration service; - We set the day when it will be necessary to report to the emigration office for biometrics; - Send us a receipt photo of the completed biometrics. - If you wish, we can help to get a new visa for a longer period.

Do you want it cheaper?

Leave a review in Google Maps, send a screenshot to the manager and get 50.000 IDR discount

Stay in Bali!

Fill out the extension form.

Want a visa for free?

Participate in the monthly lottery Perdana Green Visa and get the opportunity to win a visa to Indonesia!

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